Part 15 - Sydney 2004 - Back to Nature

So the short abridged version of our life is in these few photos. We finally, after weeks of sewing foof related gear, got out and rented a tinny. (Aluminium runabout, little ickle boat, 15hp motor). We swam and putted about the Cowan waters area. Hired the boat from Cottage Point.

Then when we finally could not stand being without a financial burden any longer, we brought on the big iron, and purchased a great big whopping beast, called Bree.

She is (and she is) 1.8 tonnes in mass, feels as heavy (even with power steering) and has only 3 functional gears. We have to start in 2nd gear, as 1st does not exist. In addition, fuel economy? hello? was this a different era? Ok, i won't go into it, other than living in Ireland and paying the equivalent to $1.90 AUD per litre has at least prepared us financially to take on a thirsty mechanical device that is currently drinking about 28 litres for every 100km's.

BTW: Petrol in Australia is just about $1.00 AUD per litre. In the states, it's i believe about $1.20 AUD per 4.5 litres. Perhaps i'm wrong, i'm not sure.

I have to get snow to help me adjust the points, trim the fuel intakes, and press some magic into the carburettor. Until then, we practice parking. However, we did go dirty track driving into the Kanangra-Boyd national Park, and had a great bouncing time. We also slept on the roof and invented a makeshift kitchen. I awoke at 4am to see a giant meteor stream across the sky. wow, forget fuel economy, i'm now watching the cosmos as i sleep.

Later, we visit the Wombeyan Caves (we've been travelling the Wombeyan Caves Road) and as you can see, no one in sight. It's a self guided tour!