Fosh in Paris - Part Four

For years, i have heard of the famous cemetry somewhere in Paris, where this person and that person are buried. Well, to my appreciative cemetry going mind, our hotel was just three metro stops from Pere Lachaise, current home of Wilde, Chopin, Piaf, David, Gericault, Morrison, Stein and Modigliani. There are plenty more, but i'm not going to continue name dropping.

James Morrison's grave was hidden behind someone elses, and not what i was expecting at all. Oscar Wilde, i think has the most innovative tombstone of anyones i have ever seen. Very modern, almost futuristic. Covered in lipstick marks from plenty of adoring literature fans, whom of which must be visiting Pere Lachaise on a daily basis.

Our last day in Paris was left for discovering Montmartre (mount Martyr), death place of many people including St-Denis i think, but better known for the bohemian locations of the Impressionists, Dadaists and subsequent Surrealists during Paris's post revolution and pre revolution eras. Yes, there were many revolutions in Paris.

Don't drink on the mountain, it is very expensive. I think we paid the equivalent of $28 AUD for 2x beers.

Next to all this is the famous Basilique du Sacre Coeur, which overlooks Paris.

That evening, we leave the Metropolis, head for the airport and return from whence we came. Our stay at Charles de gaulle is peppered with hilarious French to English announcements such as: "keep your baguette with you at all times" and "any atomic baggage will be immediately destroyed by the police" For hours, these two phrases amused us. I understand what it must be for people of other countries to listen to English speaking people re-pronuncing their native tongue in new, innovative, but often ridiculous ways.

I like Paris, as i'm sure one hundred billion other people like Paris., so i'll keep it short. It was easy to get about, the people of Paris are friendly, the food is above average (just kidding) and the vibrant nature of humanity is wonderful. oh, and the Rent is cheap, compared to Dublin.