Fosh in Paris - Part Two

We spend a very large amount of time in the Metro Train System of Paris. If you like systems, the metro is one of the best in the world to study. It's efficient, impressive, lively, organised, chaotic, busy, mad, some say dangerous, but generally well worth the effort. The maps at each stations enterance provide a much needed glance of where you are in the grand scheme of things. Used by dazed tourists, and busy locals alike.

We got around using the Carnet of ten tickets, which was the best deal, as an orange ticket was a weekly thing that we were out of sync for. There is a fantastic Metro overview light up board at the Franklin D Roosevelt station, where you can press the destination name on a control panel, and then see your efficient route home up in lights (from that station).

A couple of the Metro lines had hybrid trains, that ran on rail tracks and also had wheel-tyres which ran on their own track section. This enabled fast acceleration and excellent breaking.

and Food; the capitial of Gastronomie, is Paris. It is like Newtown (for those who know) over and over and over and over and over again and again and again. (sorry i'm repeating myself, but i'm trying to make a point here)

The Cheese / Frommage shops are a real stinker!