Part 13 - Canals and Locks

Ireland, I have learnt recently, has an impressive waterway system of canals (with locks) that journey for hundred of kilometres. There are two canals that start in Dublin and make their way inland to various trading towns. They were constructed in the late 1700's. The Grand Canal, and the Royal Canal were both in use up until about 1960. (Visit Canalways for more information).

I found this lock at Kilcock (near Maynooth) and shortly after I started figuring out how it worked (and subsequently photographing it), along came a family on a barge, who expertly operating the lock right before my eyes. I had no idea that the Canals stretched so far inland to the west as far as the Shannon River, or as far South right into Waterford. Locks are facsinating engineering. I hope my diagrams and photos make sense to some of you.