Part 12 - fog, lost explorers and ruined houses

We visit Howth frequently, the weather is dynamic, the fog is thick and the ships pass by Hippy Hole with much loudness. Groans and bellows of fog horns contribute to the cacophony of waves and wind. brrrr. Having said that, Hippy Hole will be a nice swimming location when Summer finally happens. Just out of interest, we have had two winters in a row now, we are indeed heat deprived.

I've been working intensely on my next project, a Macintosh Troubleshooting Book, called 'Don't shoot a troubled Mac'. I've been writing solidly for a few weeks now and little journeys outside are a welcome distraction.

We went for a short 2 day adventure in Wicklow down in Devil's Glen. We stayed with friends in two beautiful country style houses. We kept the fires burning all day, played games and cooked and giggled for 48 hours. Some of us went horse riding. Some of us went bush walking. (sorry, not bush walking, a walk in the forest. ooohhhh, ooohhhh)

One day (well, it was not night time..) we found an old ruined house high up on a hill. We trekked up the hill (i used the fo fo dock leaf and spittle technique on an acquired thistle wound) and found ourselves in a pictureseque, but immensely smelly interior of a 350 year old house. It was smelly, cause the cows and sheeps used it as a lavatory. hmm, natural.