Part 11 - Walls, Cliffs, Stones and Rocks

One early morning, we decided to do some hooligan like activity, like walking along the railway line on the south side, checking out the grafitti, jumping fences and scaling walls. Trains weren't operating, the cafes had yet to open, and the morning was brisk. We had to do something, to stop us from freezing. We were really waiting for the roads to thaw. We have to keep our insurance policy as low as possible. There are too many Mercs and Beemers around Dublin to just continue using the early morning icy roads once the traffic gets heavier.

Some of the best views in Dublin are to be found in Howth, the Peninsula that we can see from our Martello Tower in Portmarnock. One day, fo fo surprised me with a relatively little known walking trail around Howth, from RedRock to Hippy Hole. The cliff side walk is spectacular and RedRock has its own Martello Tower (which are hear, is for sale). The rocks at RedRock, are actually a subtle shade of pink, the paths are well worn, the walls along the cliffs are made from sea shells and the lichen is almost flouro green in full sunlight.

The seas are beginning to pickup. The surf of the Irish sea is now reaching an average height of 30cm. Better get the sandbags ready in the Tower.