Part 10 - Trees, Towers & Boats

In has been a while since I've written about living in Ireland. So much has happened, however, don't seem to remember much of it. One day we went for a drive to Powerscourt waterfall & house, both located in Co. Wicklow and we had an extensive lunch. All whilst simultaneously freezing and admiring the view of the famous Powerscourt Garden that we did not have access to. The view of Sugarloaf mountain more than made up for that however.

Later we investigated the waterfall up close. We wanted to get our moneys worth, as the entry in to the park was fairly expensive.

For Valentine's day, we drove down and visited various areas of Dublin's South side. We drove along the coast near Dalkey (where we did some Martello Tower spotting). Enroute home, we decided to make a detour to the docks and industrial section of Dublin harbour for sunset. We made our way past the famous dublin ESB towers and parked Ernie and walked along the South Wall that stretches far out into Dublin Harbour.

The South Wall (& North Wall) were both made about 200 years ago, and are beginning to show signs of decay. Certain sections of the wall are held together with bits or rusting iron. Hopefully, this iron will last a little while yet. At the end of the wall, there is a large red light house. Against the sunset, it was very peaceful, with large white ships rolling in from Hollyhead in Wales. Admist these large ships, a young man rowed his little wooden boat from Dun Laoghaire right to the mouth of the Liffey, rolling in the wake of each passing vessel.