Part 9 - Bog-Spike-Snow

It is cold now. I wear the same Sydney winter clothes but with the addition of a scarf and leg warmers. One Saturday we decided to go for a drive, South of Dublin, to get out of the tower. I've been kooked up in the tower hard at work, writing my book, so i really need a change of scene. We also have a slight mouse invasion (due to the cold snap) and they are warming themselves by our peat fire as i write this. Well, they were but now they are in the kitchen playing chicken.

We take the most spectacular road through the bog plateau south of Dublin into Co Wicklow. The route we take is the Military road which I believe was created around 1798 during the Rebellion uprisings. The road surface is barely keeping its foundation, as the ground beneath it is moving due to the nature of bog. Bog being very moist and sludge like. If any of you come and visit, i'll take you on a trip there. Much fun to be had, pretending to be rally drivers.

In addition to plane and tide spotting, we also do swan spotting whenever we get stuck in traffic along the canals of Dublin. We also celebrate our fourth Kombi spotting. That big spike is on O'Connel Street, right in Dublin. It looks like a three dimensional rendering against that sky in reality as well. It looks so surreal, i'm beginning to like it.

Then the cold snap brings snow and ice and sure enough, the Hills are now white. So we head down the M50 (motorway) to join the snow spotters. We take the Military road again, but this time it is covered in snow and ice and is even more fun to drive. Being Australian, i have to take the same pictures but with the presence of snow. You will notice some comparitive analysis imagery and some physical exploration of this thing call snow.

The road was so slippery that we could not get Ernie to go up a hill after we stopped to take the photograph the four big stones with snow. We ended up sliding back down the hill in reverse until we couldn't do that either. Then we gripped and were off again. There are no chains for your wheels in Ireland.