Part 8 - Does not contain sunrises

We got up very early one morning (a couple of hours before sunrise) to drive into Dublin (we had much to do). The car doors to Ernie would not open as he was layered in ice that kept the doors frozen fast. It took us about 6 litres of water to get the front and rear windows to a useable state. Unfortunately, we suffered a wind screen wiper failure and broke one of the wiper motors (probably due to the freeze). Our drive into town was very slippery, with the road covered in ice. I drove carefully that morning, using my own ABS style breaking mechanisms to avoid particpating in any of the numerous ice related car incidents (accidents). I'm sure that's one reason why the car insurance here is so expensive.

We dropped in to Dalkey and the nearby Forty Foot seaside bathing pools to admire the sheer madness of some (older generation) Irish men folk, as they experience their pre-sunrise, early morning ritual, ice-purge-plunge into the freezing Irish sea. One man shivered, it's a little colder today, about 44 degrees (F). That's 6 degrees Celcius.

We are still waiting to get ADSL (broadband) internet access in the tower. It's driving me a little spare, but at least it gives me time to write my book (on Macintosh IT Support). I manage to write about 4 pages everyday, so i'm going well. Hopefully, it will be finished by February 2004, so i can start paying the rent with real money (as apposed to fake money). Fo has started persuing her real estate property investigations in a much more industrious manner. I follow her around with camera, photographing people's houses and drive Ernie all around town (when needed).