Part 6 - Fosh live in a Martello Tower

I have been waiting for a sunny day with clear blue skys, so i could show off our new home, our Marshmellow (Martello) Tower, by the sea.

Yes, we live in it. Up on the first floor, with 8 ft thick walls, insulating us from the elements, our daily morning freeze and our early afternoon darkness. We moved in on the shortest day of the year, and experienced our most spectacular sunrise.

Just a few short days ago, we decided, that we had to change our living environment, so that we could regain independence, re-kindle and re-create our home for two. From Kombi to Tower.

We drove past, made a phone call, made a decision over a short lunch, called back, said yes, next day we handed over the money and picked up the keys, and a bottle of red wine, thanks to our lovelly keepers of the tower.

What better place for Fosh than this? It suits us perfectly. We are indeed very happy.

Historically, the tower was built around 1804 (ish) by the British as a defence against the French and a possible Napoleonic invasion. There were hundreds built along the coasts of UK and Ireland. Typically, they housed about 22 men in the garrison (the level we live in), the lower floor was for ammunitions and the top was for the cannons and / or early warning beacons. If invaders were spotted, soliders would light the top of the tower's beacon to signal to the next tower along the line, that attack is imminent. Just as in the scene in Lord of the Rings, Return of the King. The British moved out of Ireland once Independance was gained and Ireland (most of) became a Republic. However, the last Bastion of British rule left the towers some years later in 1938. After which, most became derelict and destroyed by the eroding coastlines. The one we live in was purchased and the top part, was built to add another layer. (this is the bit with the pseudo turret)

Our tower which overlooks the Irish Sea, with views of Lambay island, Ireland's Eye and Howth. with the rocks and Portmarnock beach just immediately before us. On Ireland's Eye there is another Martello Tower which is in perfect line of site from our main window. We imagine what French invasion would be like everynight. Having said that, we feel very safe inside.

We have double glazed windows through out, storage heater style central heating, unlimited flow through hotwater for the bathroom, a large living space with lookout windows, studio area, lounge, kitchen and dining room all in one large tardis, with a small but long cute bathroom off the main entrance, and another which is our bedroom with its own view and access to the roof top of the house additions below. (our neighbours). Wow, that was a long sentence.

We have someone living below us, and a couple above. We can't hear them, as we are in a solid bunker. The staircase is something to take a breath for. Very narrow, incredibly small steps and all very stone age.

Hopefully all the images have loaded, so now you can see what i'm talking about.