Part 5 - there is too much to see here

Well Kerry has to be the-the-the mostest spectacular in the venacular of all the lands i have seen soo far. Better than Norway, nearly.. And the weather is indeed woollleeeyyy. Blows a gale one minute, soft rain the next, and beautiful sunlight when it happens. The skys are very impressive, better than an average day in Dublin.

I leave the girls in An Daingean (Dingle) and head for an adventure of my own, in search of cliffs, beehive huts, forts, sheep, donkeys, Kerry men, rain, mist, stones, winding roads, huge surf, jagged islands and views to take your breath away.

I was not disappointed, as you can see by these photos. I ran out of batteries so only half of what i saw is here. I managed a 360 degree panorama. Dún Chaoin (Dunquin) is definately the place i want to live at some point in my life.

I walked about a slippery grass trail along a cliff face to capture some of these photos. It would have been romantic to slip and fall, but it would have hurt, and the girls would have gotten very hungry in An Daingean (Dingle) waiting for me and Ernie to return.