Part 4 - nooks and crannies

After our visit to Kells Bay we drive up little roads to Cathair Saidhbhín and admire the nooks and crannies. I know it's a silly saying but i wanted to use it. Next day we visit Cill Airne (Killarney) and have lunch in a little cafe, drink dishwater style coffee (and i think to myself, what wonderful food we have back in Sydney). We walk through the spectacular gardens of Muckross (very wet place) and i go mad photographing all type of things up close with the macro on my camera. I'm attempting to get as much of nature in before the Autumn turns to Winter and the beauty becomes stark reality. When reality hits, i'll photograph the food items in the supermarkets, i promise...

Cill Airne is enveloped by mountains called the Macgillycuddy's Reeks which is the highest moutain range in Ireland. Carrantuohill is 1038 metres in height. I'm not sure if the peat is smelly there.

It's Howloween (i can't spell it) soon, and the girls gouge out the edibles of the pumpkin and turn him into a lantern. I have only really seen this sort of thing in movies, but yes, it is real. Howloween is an ancient pagan celtic ritual which is very much celebrated in these lands.

Next day we head on the sunny side of Dingle Bay to visit various little towns on the Dingle Peninsula. We are distracted by sea spray as we drive past Inch beach and pull in and go for a mad run on the beach. It's freezing but lots of fun. The waves are crashing far out but the whitewash comes in when you least expect it.