Part 3 - a trip away in the first month

All around Dublin the leaves are brilliant colours as autumn nears its end. The heatwave summer of Europe has resulted in deep red, vibrant orange and intense pink colours. Some of the buildings around St Stevens Green are covered from head to toe.

Fo Fo keeps saying "what a beautiful day", only when there is a mere hint of blue sky. I am however beginning to understand ones enthusiasm for the occasional ray of blue from above. Fo fo also mentions the change in the weather that is almost apon us. For three days we had thunder and lightning (which is very unusual for around here) with strikes nearly killing a friend of mine, knocking out the dart (train) and setting a nearby house on fire. I'm impressed. We received an instant hail sleet snowish type of storm, with lots of ice. I jumped around in the backyard with extreme excitment and photographed Ernie with a layer of ice.

We took Ernie for a test drive down to Kilkenny (to see the famous 800 year old castle, sorry no photos) and visited the almost 1000 year old Abbey in Jerpoint. The place was full of fantastic carvings in stone all around the Alter.

We head off to Co Kerry in the hope of perhaps visiting the Skellig Michael, rock out of the atlantic ocean type of Island just before the seas get too big. But i fear, we have lost our chance this year, as the swell is getting too big for a safe landing by small boat. We stay near Glenbeigh opposite Dingle and Inch for a week in a four bedroom house with Fo fo and her sister Niamhie and her friend Kate. We spend too much time playing Risk, which i have only just now discovered. We visit Lake Caragh and Kells Bay.