Part 2 - from Sydney to Dublin

After showing Quiffy that she was indeed moving to a better life, we wrapped up our last week in Sydney. Fo Fo dropped into T2 for her last goodbyes. We bid farewell to our friends at Church Street - Newtown, home of many memories like the night we won a meat tray at the local pub and everyday life in the house of filth (before we renovated it)

We left Sydney aboard Singapore Airlines and flew over the expanse of outback we know so well from our trip around it, we saw numerous bushfires and unusual amounts of cloud cover that is not normal for inland Australia. We arrived in Singapore for a 13 minute changeover for our Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt, which was indeed a delicious food experience, with real forks and knives and glasses. We arrived in Frankfurt for a 5 hour disorienation session on an airport bench, then took the final leg straight into Dublin, round Howth and finally arriving in Portmarnock (north of Dublin City), with all our freight that we shipped the week before. Australian customs broke into one of my flight cases to defuse my battery powered microphone bomb. Dang, my plot to rule the world has failed...

After recovering from Jet lag, we re-adjust to life in Dublin. We start staying in fo fo's dads house for the time being, until we get sorted out. Lots of new experiences, such as running for the bus, not understanding what anyone is saying (that's for both of us), adjusting to different light (not the harsh Australian type we are both used to), traipsing around town until we can't do it anymore, and continually being shocked about the price of everything; especially houses to live in. After a few weeks of looking for houses on foot, we decide, we can no longer be bound to bus timetables and finding coins every few minutes and waiting for no one to call us back. We decide to stop the house search until we have the right credentials (like bank accounts and job references etc etc) and motion instead for a car. It will be much easier for when we resume house hunting, getting to and from work in the winter and regaining independance from being trapped in the suburbs way way out from the inner city that we were both used to in Newtown.

We go out to have a look at a 1994 German Opel Astra. Wow, compared to XQU, our 1976 Kombi, we are totally impressed and buy it the next day. We call him Ernie. However, buying a car in Ireland is not that straight forward. We need INSURANCE. Cars don't have their own insurance here, it is with the Driver. So in order to drive our new car, we have get quotes for immediate insurance cover. At 11am that morning, quotes started at 2500 euro a year. By 3pm we got a quote for 1300 euro a year. What a shock that was.... I'm not going to mention the fact that to find a house you must have a bank account. Alright, i will mention that to get a bank account that you must have offical proof of address. The first month for me was really just a red tape, bureacratic paper trail, just so i could get into society here. Fo fo is in society here, but her cards, history and proof are no longer valid. This is all thanks to the Criminal Justice Act.