Week Eleven . (Sunday 15 September until Sunday September 22)

After Shark Bay, we headed down to Geraldton and visited the marine museum to learn about the Dutch shipwrecks that have been discovered up and down the coast. We learnt of horror stories of wrecks, mutany, murder and punishment. The museum was full of coins from the 1500's and skulls of victims. After the gruesome tour of history we headed next for the Nambung National Park to visit the Pinnacles (limestone pillars) at sunset. We spent the night nearby and early next morning headed furthur south to Perth. As we approached the big city, we had to re-learn to road rules, slow down, combat road rage and show no emotion as mad hoons blew their horns at us. I tell you what, city driving is awful, and i wasn't even driving. After coming to grips with traffic lights, round-a-bouts and hired loons, we had to confront nature, as Perth battled to stay upright during a coastal assault of strong winds and horizontal rain. The winds gusted at 110km/hr and we could barely drive at any decent speed. Pedestrians were being flung about the place like cardboard cutouts and the wind nearly took off the roof of our kombi. We sat out the rest of the storm on Scarborough beach. The kombi shook (i prefer shaked, but fo fo is the proof reader) and rattled and we gritted our teeth hiding under the covers of our waterproof sleeping bags.

We stayed a few days in Perth, visiting friends, friends of friends and distant family members and friends of family members. We learnt alot about magnetic therapy and near field infra red and colourpuncture. After Perth, and near Perth and Fremantle, we were once again off on our own two person world in the kombi. We travelled south and followed the coastline down to the Southern Ocean. On our way we travelled through the rich fertile and green lands of the Margaret River (rich in wine growing and cheese making) and furthur south towards Walhope to visit the numerous Karri trees and the Giant Tree Top Walk. We saw ancient forests and thousands of native wildflowers and billions of white lilies. We also saw kangaroo joeys, fo fo climed a massive karri tree and i watched from the safety of the ground. The giant Tingle trees were up to 400 years old.

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