Week Four. (From Sunday 28 July to Sunday 04 August)

Our last week in Far Northern Queensland sees Fosh experience the most tropical regions of Australia and living amongst the oldest Rainforests in Asia. The RainForest up near the Daintree is well over 100,000 years old, and some of the places we visited our still as they were when Australia was a part of Gondwanaland.

Prior to the Daintree, we travelled through almost 1500km of prime Sugar Cane farming land. We could have photographed Sugar Cane, but we decided that RainForest was far more interesting. We had a beautiful stopover at Josephine Falls (extensively photographed i have to say). The water was so clear and fresh. I drove around the Sugar Cane roads waiting for the sun to go down so we could fine a nice quiet spot to stay the night. Next day, we visited the falls again then headed furthur north, only stopping briefly in Cairns to pay some credit card bills at an internet cafe. From Cairns we hooned past civilisation to get to the Daintree National Park, caught the car ferry over the Daintree river and headed towards Cape Tribulation for our first anniversary. We stayed a night in a camp site (wow, it was powered) and endured torrential rain. We booked ourselves 2 nights at Crocodylus YHA and had a tent-cabin-home for 3 days. We drove up to Cape Tribulation before more rain. The next day we did a rain drenching trek through a tropical rain forest. Night time was a spectacle of spooky bird noises; one bird sounded as if it was about 5 metres tall, had a trumpet nose, a big quiff, and huge big feather, and a pom-pom haircut and another was an avid typist who spent hours typing in the forest. There was even a mobile telephone ringing bird that made calls at 3am. Could have been a Lyrebird...

Now we head back to Cairns and off on our second leg of our journey, through the interior of Queensland as we head towards Normanton and Karumba, and view the sunset over the Gulf of Carpentaria.

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