Week Two. (Sunday 14 July until Sunday 21 July)

Our second week of travelling sees us moving furthur up the The Eastern Coast. We left Tweed Heads and headed straight thru Brisbane via a Round-a-bout and Expressway bypass. We arrived in Tin Can Bay (near Fraser island) after a long day of travelling. The next day we headed for Rainbow Beach and viewed Fraser Island from across the water. We considered 4WD modifications to the Kombi but decided we needed another $4k to do that so.. we didn't. That night we stayed near a pine forest plantation near Cooloola Way.

The next stretch of driving involved more off roading, we headed for Bundaberg for some tyre repairs. They were busy, and said 'you will have to wait until the next day'. We saw much of Bundaberg as we spent what seemed like an eternity looking for the road that leads to the beach town called 1770. 1770 is a beautiful little quiet town. We had a lovely stopover there. At 3am the next morning we got very excited and decided to head off very early. You see, we go to bed early these days, like 7.57pm each night. Shane decided to do the early morning run drive. It was warm near the coast but as we headed inland towards Rockhampton it got considerably colder. Shane, whilst driving and explaining to Fo Fo that it is important to watch out for wildlife in the early morning. You need to be aware of Kangaroos and Wombats and Rabbits etc etc. Next thing you know a Rabbit shoots out across the road. Luckily for us, i have nerves of steel and my talking had prepared us both for the inevitable. We look carefully at the RoadKill these days, as it is very easy to contribute to the animal road toll. We joked about starting work on a RoadKill BBQ book but we thought that would be in poor taste. That morning we had a serious XQU kombi clean out, refuel, rewater, restocking and washing extravaganza in Boyne Island near Gladstone. We also saw our first Marine Stingers warning sign.

After tyre repairs in Rockhampton we headed for the coast which overlooks the Great Keppel Islands. We stopped at Yeppoon - Roslyn Bay. Heading North to Mackay, we stopover at our first offical free overnight stay in Claireview. In Mackay we decided to try for some spare VW parts and headed over to the VW dealer. Instead we are presented with a police line and a cordened off area. The Dealership had a fire the night before and everything was burnt to the ground. hmm. We continued on towards Airlie Beach, staying the night next to the Cedar Creek Falls and experienced our first rain of the trip. XQU kept us mostly dry. We intended to go swimming in Conway Beach (yeah right) and then we drove into Airlie Beach to see what the Whitsunday islands are all about. We are mildly bemused by the purchase of a touristy tropical island package for Hook Island, and we headed off to Shute Harbour to camp overnight so we can jump on the boat to go to the Whitsundays. Like a holiday inside a holiday.

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